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Job / research opportunities within MIDAS

Offshore Minerals Legal Adviser, Kiribati

Location: Kiribati

Closing date: 11 May 2016

Contract duration: 2 years

Kiribati faces offshore mineral management challenges in three key areas, comprising: deep-sea mineral activities within national jurisdiction; Exploitation of aggregates (shallow sand and gravel); and sponsorship of deep-sea mineral activities within international jurisdiction. In each of these areas there are potentially lucrative and development-promoting opportunities which Kiribati as an LDC/SIDS is keen to engage. This process has however been stalled by limited legal and technical expertise, limited human capacity, the lack of appropriate policy and legal frameworks, the absence of a well-fitting fiscal regime, and limited monitoring capabilities and options. This has left Kiribati without the ability to put in place appropriate frameworks alongside functional institutional capacities, to pursue these opportunities while effectively and sustainably managing their marine environment and natural capital.

Scope of Work

  • Output 1: Development of policy and legal frameworks, with advisory support
  • Output 2: Institutional and human capacity building
  • Output 3: Scoping further work on fiscal regime and licence monitoring options.

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